R. Lee Comer Portrait

Roy Lee Comer, Jr., P. E.

Reservoir Engineering Consultant


Registered Professional Reservoir Engineering Consultant in Texas with 35+ years of experience including reservoir management, exploitation and exploration prospect evaluations, petrophysical evaluations, secondary and enhanced oil recovery operations, reservoir simulation, pressure transient analysis, reserve determination, economic analysis, and acquisition and divestment analysis.  Have worked on onshore and offshore oil and gas properties in many basins in the United States and internationally including evaluations in 17 countries.


Roy Lee Comer, Jr., P.E., Texas Engineering Firm (F-19160), 2017-Present

PResident/Reservoir Engineering Consultant, Houston, Tx

President of an independent reservoir engineering consulting firm providing a full range of petroleum engineering services to the oil and gas industry.  Reservoir engineering consulting projects include performing reservoir performance evaluations, reserve determinations, economic analyses, for multiple gas fields in Ukraine, oversight of multiple reserves evaluations in Russia and Azerbaijan and reserve evaluations in the Permian Basin and Wyoming.


Miller and Lents, Ltd., International Petroleum Consultants, 2008-2017

President/Board Member/senior reservoir engineer/Petrophysicist, Houston, Tx

Supervised and performed reservoir engineering projects including reservoir performance evaluations, reserve determinations, economic evaluations, petrophysical analyses and reservoir simulation evaluations for a range of companies from small independents to major oil companies.  Participated in probabilistic reserve determinations for several properties on the Northwest Shelf of Australia and offshore Brazil.  Performed evaluations of reserves for major fields in Algeria, Kazakhstan, deep water Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.  Completed a reserve analysis of significant CO2 floods in Wyoming, USA.  Served as the project manager and reservoir engineer for multiple SEC reserve determinations for an independent oil and gas company with properties throughout the United States including properties in the Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, South Texas, Gulf Coast, Alabama and Florida.  Led a field rehabilitation evaluation in a major Russian oil field for large Russian oil and gas company.


BP Russia (Seconded to TNK-BP in moscow, Russia), 2006-2008

M&A Team, Divestment Manager, 2008 , Moscow, Russia

Provided reservoir engineering support and oversight for the evaluation of acquisition and divestment opportunities.  Evaluated the divestment of a large TNK-BP field with more that 1500 wells, including assessment of waterflood revitalization and primary oil and gas development.

Sub-Surface Team Leader, 2006-2008, Moscow, Russia

Sub-Surface Team Leader successfully supervising a multidisciplinary team of Russian nationals responsible for the Rospan Licenses in Urengoy Field, West Siberia.  The team provided technical consulting for ongoing pilot operations (80+ wells) and performed the development planning for a potential major oil and gas development of 200-300 wells.  Led the team in the process of evaluating 3D seismic, and developing detailed geologic and reservoir simulation models for the major gas horizons.  Oversaw a third party scoping study of a major oil development.  Developed production forecasts and reserve estimates.


BP Egypt (Seconded to GUPCO in Cairo, Egypt), 2000-2006

Sub-Surface Team Leader, 2004-2006, Cairo, Egypt

Sub-Surface Team Leader successfully supervising teams in the Western Desert and Gulf of Suez with up to 20 expatriate and Egyptian national team members.  Directed the team’s activities to support day to day operations of primary and secondary recovery projects, prospect development, and reserves compliance.  Led the team in the Western Desert from no rigs to a two rig program.  This included identifying and pursuing a major gas redevelopment program, two waterflood projects, a low permeability oil development and a bid for adjacent acreage.  Combined, the teams authorized a total of 18 drilling prospects, 11 rig based workovers and multiple rigless operations.

 Reservoir Engineer, 2000-2004, Cairo, Egypt

Reservoir engineer responsible for the Western Desert and the Southern Gulf of Suez.  Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team evaluating development and exploration drilling prospects, workovers and other investment opportunities.  Participated in evaluation and drilling of 28 prospects developing over 20 MMBOE at a cost of approximately 2.50/BBL.  Supported a fracture stimulation program which resulted in an incremental peak rate of 5000 BOPD.  Peak production increases resulting from the team’s efforts in the Western Desert were 34 MBOPD and 23 MMCFD.  Performed two mechanistic simulation studies in support of the prospect evaluation process.  Served as a coach and mentor for young BP and Egypt National engineers.


Miller and Lents, Ltd., International Petroleum Consultants, 1997-2000

Consulting Reservoir Engineer/Petrophysicist, Houston, Tx

Consultant in the areas of reservoir engineering and petrophysics.  Consultation included reservoir performance evaluations, reserve determination, economic analysis, acquisition and divestment analysis, petrophysical analysis, reservoir simulation and pressure transient analysis for a range of companies from small independents to major oil companies.  Completed a reservoir simulations study for Amoco/Altura in a West Texas CO2 flood to evaluate the impact of future operating scenarios.  Performed probabilistic reserve determinations for several properties on the Northwest Shelf of Australia and on Sakhalin Island in Russia.  Performed reservoir simulation studies for a proposed steam flood in Kazakhstan and a proposed water flood in the Middle East.  Evaluated reserves and future net cash flows for the Gunashli, Chirag and Azeri Field complex in the Caspian Sea.



Reservoir Engineer/Petrophysicist – West Texas, 1996-1997, Houston, Tx

Member of a multi-disciplinary team undertaking a reservoir characterization and reservoir simulation study for a large West Texas CO2 flood.  Developed a reservoir model to history match primary, secondary and tertiary performance.  Study objectives included forecasting future performance, identifying future development potential and determining the impact of future operating scenarios.

Amoco Petrophysics Training Program, 1995-1996, Tulsa, Ok

Completed a one-year, full time training program at the Amoco Technology Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma that included 83 one to five day training seminars in petrophysics, geology, geophysics and engineering.  Completed a business driven petrophysics study on a large CO2 injection project in the Permian Basin of West Texas.  Included detailed geologic analysis, petrophysical description and reservoir simulation of the transition zone.  Identified significant potential to CO2 flood transition zones in adjacent units.

Reservoir Engineer – West Texas, 1993-1995, Houston, Tx

Member of the team that performed the technical property evaluations and recommended the formation of the Altura joint venture between Shell and Amoco in the Permian Basin of West Texas.  Performed property value evaluations and economic analysis.  Served as reserve coordinator for Amoco’s Permian Basin Business Unit.  Reviewed all reserve booking documents and coordinated all reserve booking activities.  Led a multi-discipline Sweep Improvement team including engineering, geoscience, research and operations personnel in evaluations of sweep improvement techniques and opportunities.  Developed a sweep improvement manual.

Production/Reservoir Engineer – West Texas, 1992-1993, Houston, Tx

Provided both production and reservoir engineering support for a large West Texas CO2 flood.  Implemented an aggressive program to convert additional wells to CO2 injection and instituted a pressure maintenance program which reversed a significant decline in production and resulted in more than a 10% production increase over 2 years.  Developed reservoir management plans, monitored reservoir performance, evaluated and recommended drilling and workover candidates and performed reserve estimates.  Developed an evaluation tool to analyze economic performance on a pattern basis.

Systems Development Project Manager, 1988-1992, Tulsa Ok. and Houston, Tx

Led vendor contract negotiations and development of a decline curve analysis program and the design of a comprehensive PC petroleum engineering database.  Conceived, initiated and managed development of a comprehensive data collection system which integrates data collected by the field automation system with data collected by operating personnel on laptop computers.  Received a special award for this effort.

Division Planning Coordinator – Offshore Gulf of Mexico, 1987-1988, New Orleans, La

Developed oil production and gas sales forecasts for the entire Offshore Division.  Monitored progress of projects in the 100 million-dollar plus capital budget for the Offshore Division and kept upper management apprised.  Completed a multi-company operating cost analysis that uncovered several opportunities for operating cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

Reservoir Engineer – Offshore Gulf of Mexico, 1985-1987, New Orleans, La

Completed a Field Study on a major offshore oil and gas field that resulted in drilling five successful wells and increased field revenue by more than six million dollars per year.  Completed reservoir evaluation and recommended divestment of Amoco’s interest in a large offshore gas field.

Operations/Reservoir Engineer – Onshore Gulf Coast, 1983-1985, New Orleans, La

Performed engineering and economic evaluation of projects such as drilling prospects, recompletions and repairs.  Evaluated properties for acquisition and divestment.  Recommended drilling of 13 successful oil and gas wells throughout the Gulf Coast (onshore and in inland waters).

Production Engineer – Gulf Coast, Mississippi and Alabama, 1981-1983, Lafayette, La

Developed completion and workover procedures.  Prepared cost estimates, AFEs and bid packages.  Carried out on site quality control of contractors.  Designed and oversaw several successful workovers and completions in both oil and gas wells including complicated gravel packs, multiple completions and stimulations.



  • B.S. Chemical Engineering with a Petroleum Engineering Option from Ohio State University, 1981.
  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, 2000
  • Several graduate level petroleum engineering courses at the University of Houston, 1994-98.
  • Amoco Petrophysics Training Program – a one-year (1995-96), full time training program and technical project including 83 one to five day technical courses in petrophysics, geology, geophysics and engineering.
  • Lifetime member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  • Multiple industry, Amoco and BP technical courses in petroleum and reservoir engineering.
Egypt Technical Training Class
Egypt Technical Training Class