Reservoir Engineering Consulting Services

R. Lee Comer at work on computer

Full Range of Reservoir Engineering Services

We offer a full range of reservoir engineering consulting services including reservoir engineering, reserves and economic evaluations, management consulting and legal support.  We have experience performing these types of evaluations on fields throughout the world.

In addition, when required, we will reach out to an extensive network of industry consultants of all disciplines to build the perfect team to complete your complex projects.  This strong network was developed over 35+ years in the industry.

R. Lee Comer Training

 Reservoir engineering 

  • Field Optimization Studies
  • Unconventional Studies
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Reservoir Management Studies
  • Improved Recovery Evaluations
  • Petrophysical Evaluations
  • Fluid and Pressure Transient Analyses

management coNsulting

  • Audit Committee Support
  • Reserves Manager Consultation
  • Reserves Evaluator Training
  • Preparation for Meetings with Auditors

reserves and Economic evaluation 

  • SEC and SPE Reserves Evaluations
  • Acquisition and Divestment Evaluations
  • Competent Persons Reports
  • Equity Determinations
  • Probabilistic Reserves Evaluations
  • Fair Market Value Determinations
  • Economic Evaluations

Legal Support

  • Expert Witness
  • Litigation Consultation
  • Arbitration
  • Unitization Evaluations