Reservoir Engineering Consultant

R. Lee comer

R. “Lee” Comer is a registered professional engineer in Texas and practices as a reservoir engineering consultant for the Texas Professional Engineering Firm Roy Lee Comer, Jr., P. E, (F-19160).  Lee formed this firm to provide exceptional reservoir engineering consulting services to the oil and gas industry that are based on developing a strong relationship. It is our goal to build a lasting relationship with our clients to meet their oil and gas consulting needs now and into the future.

Our business is based on providing personalized service. Unlike larger firms where junior staff are assigned to most projects, with our firm you will work with a seasoned professional on your projects.

  • 35+ years experience on 6 continents
  • Licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas
  • Hundreds of reservoirs evaluated in 17 countries
  • More than two decades of experience with major oil and gas companies
  • Evaluations of several of the largest fields in the world
  • More than a decade of petroleum engineering consulting experience
  • President and board member of Miller and Lents, Ltd.
  • Focused on building lasting relationships

The independent results of our analyses are based on collaborating with our clients to get the best possible answer.  We strive to generate independent results  that we and our clients can strongly defend.

R. Lee Comer Working


Our work is independent and we provide our clients with results that they can count on and use in third party transactions.   Further, we maintain strict confidentiality of our clients information and results.


When required, we will reach out to our extensive network of industry consultants to build the perfect team to complete your complex projects.  This strong network was developed over 35 years in the industry.


Integrity is a major tenant within our firm.  Success in the petroleum engineering consulting business requires unquestionable integrity.  Our reputation is the only commodity we have to offer.